Entry requirements

Students will have studied and shown an interest in one of the three sciences in S3.

Aims of course

Lab Science is a Skills for Work course that is structured to provide candidates with practical and theoretical knowledge of the skills required to work in a laboratory. The course places emphasis on developing employability skills used in a laboratory. Successful completion of the course opens up opportunities to apply for College level HNC / HND Lab Technician training courses.

There is an emphasis on students to take responsibility for their own learning, supported by the teaching staff. The course is Portfolio based, meaning candidates must successfully complete a series of practical and written assignments spread across 4 National 5 level units to achieve the qualification. Candidates must attend class regularly to ensure that practical tasks can be completed and coursework deadlines are adhered to.

Students will undertake a range of activities: IT research, Practical laboratory skills, Self evaluation, Industrial visits/visiting speakers.


The course consists of 4 units:

  1. Careers using Laboratory Science introduces candidates to the wide range of industries and services which use scientific knowledge and laboratory skills.
  2. Working in a Laboratory provides candidates with the opportunity to gain practical experience in measuring and weighing quantities, writing detailed risk assessments, basic laboratory skills such as handling chemicals, preparing solutions, and in calculating and presenting results of practical work.
  3. Practical Skills provides candidates with the opportunity to learn and develop the skills most commonly used in laboratories. This unit covers material from all four scientific disciplines (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and aims to give candidates a flavour of the type of work carried out in a working laboratory.
  4. In Practical Investigation, candidates will work with others to produce a plan to investigate a scientific topic using practical procedures.

Progression Routes