All students at Armadale Academy should plan to stay on until the end of S6.

We offer a very wide range of pathways to suit your needs, as recognised in our recent HMIE inspection feedback (January 2019).

Along an arrow pointing from left to right: increasing personalisation and choice from S2 into S3, appropriate pace and challenge in S3 so students are well-prepared to embark on National qualifications in S4, and a wide range of pathways in S4 to S6 to maximise qualifications.

S3 Learners

In S3 you will continue to follow a broad general education but will be able to specialise slightly in the eight curriculum areas, taking a total of 9 main subjects including English, English, Maths and French (with the option to study Spanish as an additional Language). In addition, you will choose 2 Social Subjects from a range of History, Geography, Modern Studies, RMPS, and Business.

You will also have a core curriculum package that will include PE, RE, Personal and Social Development. The choices that you pick will prepare you for National qualifications in the Senior Phase and you should think of them as a two year pathway.

S4 Learners

All S4 learners will take 7 National Qualification subjects which will include English and Maths for all at the highest possible level. For almost all of you, the other 5 qualifications will be selected from your S3 subjects. We strongly encourage you all to return to school for both S5 and S6. It is important that this is considered along with the progression of courses which you may wish to take from S4 through to S6. It may be that a course which cannot be taken in S4 can be taken up again in S5 or S6. S4 learners will also gain the SQA Wellbeing award and SQA Religion, Belief and Values award at either SCQF level 5 or 4, depending on the level you are working at.

S5/6 Learners

We strongly encourage all S5 to return to school and to view this as a two year journey, leaving us at the end of S6. You may qualify for an Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) to support you financially with staying on at school. Please speak to Mrs Roy in Student Support for further information.

You will study up to seven complete courses, depending on the combination of subjects and levels selected. In S5 you will also gain an additional Higher level award, Personal Development, through Personal Achievement time. We recommend that you choose progression from courses previously studied in the first instance rather than picking up new courses.

In S6 there will be a focus on the development of Leadership skills and making a contribution to the leadership of the ethos and life of the school, beyond learning in your subjects. This may involve volunteering in younger classes, supporting or mentoring younger students one to one, running a club at lunchtimes or after school and a range of other opportunities.

You should be aware that all courses are dependent on uptake and staffing and there is no guarantee at this stage that courses will run.

Employability Pathways

If you are a Winter leaver or intending to leave at the end of S5, you can study a package which will include a work placement for part of your week plus a range of other work-relevant qualifications including Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Development, Employability and First Aid. It may also be possible for you to achieve one or two other SQA Highers depending on your pathway. Heads of House will be speaking to you if they think this pathway would be appropriate for you. If you are interested in this, please speak to your Head of House.

Winter Leavers

You are classed as a Winter Leaver if you are going into S5 and your 16th birthday is after 30 September 2022. If you are a Winter leaver then you are unable to leave school until Christmas as by law you must be in full-time education. Remember that college counts as full-time education and you can apply as an Exceptional Entrant. See your House Head for further support with this.