The purpose of our 3-18 curriculum is to enable all young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributions. This means your child has the necessary qualifications, skills, and attributes that they need for life, learning, and work.

SQA Courses in the senior school are called National Qualifications and are offered at the following levels:

We also offer a range of other qualifications in S4-S6. The main ones are:

Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF)

The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, or SCQF, is a way to understand and compare the level of study of different subjects in terms of their difficulty, time required, amount of material, and so on.

Which level to study?

Moving into S4: Your class teachers in S3 will discuss with you the recommended level of study in S4.

Already studied for a Qualification:

CAUTION: Your final overall grade in a subject cannot be the sole determinant of success at the next level. Some subjects will give you advice on which elements of your grades you should look to in order to indicate future success. It is essential that you pay attention to this advice in looking at future levels.

In addition teachers will consider your enthusiasm, maturity, potential and the work demands from your other choices before recommending which level you should take.

Assessment and Grading: National 3 and National 4

Unit assessments - all must be passed to achieve an overall Course Award. At National 4, there is also an Added Value Unit to pass.

There is no final exam - simply pass or fail.

Assessment and Grading: National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher

In exceptional circumstances where a pupil is NOT on track to pass final Course Assessments - credit can be given for unit passes ONLY or you may be able to switch to an alternative award such as a National Progression Award in that subject area.