Course description

Chemistry is the study of matter at the level of atoms, molecules, ions and compounds. These substances are the building blocks of life and all of the materials that surround us. Chemists play a vital role in the production of everyday commodities. Chemistry research and development is essential for the introduction of new products. The subject is taught largely in an exploratory manner where pupils are encouraged to develop skills and put these to use.

Course progression

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In S6, you can combine the study of two Sciences (or one Science and one of the Broadening Courses from the "Eligible courses" section) plus Maths to study for the Scottish Baccalaureate in Science. Two of these subjects need to be studied to Advanced Higher, and the third subject needs to be studied to Higher. Subjects studied in S5 can count towards this award.

Careers through Chemistry

  • Food industry
  • Sports science
  • Cancer research
  • Astrochemistry
  • Drugs industry
  • Environmental science
  • Analytical scientist
  • Education
  • Forensic science
  • Civil service
  • Cosmetics
  • Agriculture

Pupil Profile: Kelsey

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I am planning to go to university to study for a degree in Biomedical Sciences, with a view to complete a post-graduate degree in Medicine.

Following a Chemistry course at school has allowed me to develop time-management, analytical and organisational skills.

My advice to you is to push yourself as much as possible, it’s worth it in the end.