Course description

A good qualification in mathematics is as one of the most valuable to employers, training providers, colleges and universities. Mathematics is one of the key subjects where you are able to develop your analytical, research and problem solving skills. You learn to pay attention to all the assumptions involved in a given problem or situation, and you learn to break down a complicated problem into a series of tractable steps. Not only will you learn all about mathematics, its place and history in the world, and its everyday implications in real-life, such as in finance, science, engineering and medicine but you will gain the knowledge to tackle scientific, mechanical, coding and abstract problems.

Course progression

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  • Understanding
  • Analysing
  • Problem Solving
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Resilience
  • Data Analysis
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Perseverance

Careers through Mathematics

Mathematics is a diverse subject and can lead to a wide range of jobs such as:

  • Meteorologist
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Pilot
  • Animator
  • Statistician
  • Computer Games Designer
  • Special Effects Director
  • Science Writer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Actuary
  • Teacher
  • Forensic Scientist

Pupil Profile: Kacper

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When I leave school, I wish to study Computer Science and Mathematics at University.

I have enjoyed Maths from a young age.

In Maths I have developed many skills, logical thinking, problem solving, organisation, analytical and communication.

I would highly recommend mathematics because it contributes to many aspects within real life and there will always be a time when you will need to use it.