Course description

Pupils who study Languages at Armadale Academy will learn the core skills of reading, writing, listening and talk as well how learning an language can help open up a wide variety of career pathways. We are increasingly living in a global society where the ability to speak another language creates opportunities beyond simple translation and linguistics. The business world values learners who show an understanding of different cultures and an ability to communicate in languages other than Modern Languages.

Course progression

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In S6, you can combine the study of French, Spanish, and English to study for the Scottish Baccalaureate in Languages. Two of these subjects need to be studied to Advanced Higher, and the third subject needs to be studied to Higher. Subjects studied in S5 can count towards this award.


  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Analysing
  • Evaluating
  • Time management
  • Organisation
  • Presenting
  • Listening
  • Researching

Careers through Modern Languages

The study of a language opens up many careers. Not only can you go into the areas listed below, you can also use Languages to enter the world of business.

  • Translator
  • Video Gamer
  • Fashion Buyer
  • Interpreter
  • Teacher
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Tour Guide
  • Engineer
  • Sales Exec
  • Customs Officer
  • Peace Corps

Pupil Profile: Morgan

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I plan to go to university and do a degree in primary education with a French specialism.

French is my favourite subject as I love the language and there is so much you can learn from other cultures.

I am now a lot more confident in speaking to people in French since I gained a Higher qualification.