Course description

We want learners to love English and enjoy the texts that they read, listen to and watch. English is a subject that opens up a world of possibilities and we want to convey our own enthusiasm for the subject. The work that we do in class will range from critical essays writing to debating, from tragedy to comedy. We will work to improve creative writing skills, group work, project based work, personal/reflective writing and talk, as well as listening activities and media work. We will also focus on close reading skills through the teaching of RUAE and textual analysis through the study of Scottish texts.

Course progression

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In S6, you can combine the study of French, Spanish, and English to study for the Scottish Baccalaureate in Languages. Two of these subjects need to be studied to Advanced Higher, and the third subject needs to be studied to Higher. Subjects studied in S5 can count towards this award.


  • Communication
  • Understanding
  • Analysing
  • Evaluating
  • Time management
  • Organisation
  • Presenting
  • Creativity
  • Resilience

Careers through English

English opens up many careers. Not only can you go into the areas listed below, you can also use English to enter the world of business.

  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Blogger
  • Teacher
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Civil Servant
  • Author
  • Presenter
  • Politician
  • Actor

Pupil Profile: Megan

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When I leave Armadale Academy I would like to study Sport Science. Within English I have developed many skills.

While literacy is the main skill, I have also developed my expertise in time management and revision.

Studying this subject is essential for my future career path but will also allow me to have more options if my plans change at all in the future. I change my mind.