Aims of Course

Description of the Course

Environmental Concerns: involving a study of local, national and global environmental issues that affect us and people in different parts of the world. This unit will look at the threats the environment is facing, both physical and human, as well as potential solutions to these problems and their effectiveness.

Weather, Climate and People: this unit will look at how our weather affects us, both good and bad, with topics like ‘why do we get so much rain in Scotland?’. There will be an opportunity to look at how we measure, record and present weather information as meteorologists. The final section will look at examples of extreme weather, such as hurricanes, and at the impact of such on people and communities.

Population and Development: involves comparing and contrasting development levels between countries in the world, by exploring why some countries grow richer while others remain very poor. Population change, health and disease, international aid, world trade imbalance and globalisation are all covered within this continually changing topic.

Additional Information

Students will be encouraged to use ICT and participate in fieldwork activities. Ordnance Survey map skills will permeate the course.