Course description

This course provides a qualification and practical opportunities for developing skills that are valid and relevant to the world of work.

This course aims to provide enterprising and employability skills and qualities including:

  • Self confidence and motivation,
  • Decision making and problem solving,
  • Risk–taking,
  • Working with others and organising resources,
  • Communication and customer service,
  • Knowledge of the world of business,
  • Employment options available including self–employment,
  • Practical, experiential learning about how business operates,
  • Core skills including Information Technology.

A number of SQA units will be undertaken including:

  • Enterprise Activity
  • Business and Marketing Business and Finance,
  • Customer Service Skills for the Entrepreneur,
  • Establishing a Business Identity,
  • Working for Yourself.

Course progression

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  • Only available as an NPA (SCQF Level 5).


Assessments will be conducted on an on–going basis as the course progresses using a variety of methods including a written assessments, work evidence and mini–portfolio/projects.

Future Progression Routes

Students who undertake this course could expect:

This qualification provides progression to further training or employment.