Aims of Course

Description of the Course

Learners will build a technical base in a variety of styles and lay a foundation for creating effective choreography. They will combine technique classes in various styles with creative choreographic workshops, linking these skills and culminating in their creative work being performed at school events. During S3, learners will work towards a National Progression Award at SCQF Level 4 to validate their achievements over the year. Learners will benefit from the expertise of visiting professionals who deliver masterclasses during their lessons.

The course is split into two distinct areas:

Dance Performance: Technical Skills: Learners take twice-weekly technique classes which focus on shaping them into stronger, more flexible dancers, with experience and skill across 4 different dance genres; Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop & Classical Ballet. Learners will be taught routines in these styles to enhance and deepen their understanding of genre. Body Conditioning and safe Dance practice will also be covered on a weekly basis in class.

Choreography: Pupils take part in choreographic workshops that explore various methods of creating unique and original dance from a stimulus. Learners will studying the work of world-leading choreographers to understand their influences, methods and approaches. From here, learners build their own dances that are showcased at school events throughout the year. Throughout the course, pupils are given opportunities to work individually, and as part of larger groups.