Course aims

To develop students’ understanding of psychology as the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour in a range of contexts, and to enhance their ability to use evidence to explain behaviour. Psychology is a research-based subject and it provides the opportunity to conduct practical research. This includes working with human participants in accordance with ethical standards.

The course aims to enable students to develop:

  • knowledge and understanding of psychological concepts, theories, approaches and terminology,
  • the ability to use thinking skills when analysing, evaluating and applying knowledge and understanding of psychology,
  • understanding of the role of research evidence in explaining human behaviour research skills to select, organise, interpret and evaluate information,
  • the ability to plan and carry out psychological research, using appropriate methods and according to ethical and scientific standards.

Course progression

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Entry Requirements

You must be in S6, and have passed Higher English. Higher Biology or another Science would be beneficial but not essential.

Course Description